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Technical Issues Reporting Thread

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  • Technical Issues Reporting Thread

    Non-staff members may utilize this thread to report bugs and other technical issues to me. I will prioritize the problems based on my own extensive knowledge and move to have them repaired as soon as possible. Be detailed, specific, and provide examples and links when they are available. Who would like to be first to step into my chamber to report a grievance?

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    As of late I am having trouble posting pictures. No matter the format, the site keeps giving me an error message. Any ideas?


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      See post #13 on this thread. Otherwise your issue is noted and will be analyzed by the image technician. I've ordered an expedited response for this since it appears to be an ongoing problem and the last tech that failed is swimming off to an undisclosed Island location. Thank you for your input.


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        Photos added to media gallery in vbulletin 5.1.7 show up as a post.

        I know there is an admin config option that can be enabled to stop this from occurring, Please look into it.

        Thanks in advance.
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